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Situated within a beautifully repurposed warehouse, Interior Living proudly stands as your local, independently owned boutique, specializing in custom furniture and home furnishings. Sharing space with Gibson Fine Art, a gallery that takes pride in showcasing a diverse and vibrant range of Canadian artists, we strive to create a truly unique environment. We invite you to drop by and discover the seamless blend of art and furnishings we've thoughtfully curated, offering a rich, artistic fusion designed to ignite inspiration for you and your home.

Meet Our Owners

Suzette Toews and Patti Dibski, the dedicated partners at Interior Living, excel in their profession and find genuine joy in every aspect of their work. Their partnership is fueled by a shared passion for interior design and a commitment to creating beautiful, livable spaces. Together, they bring a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to each project. By working closely with clients, Suzette and Patti ensure every design is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of individual styles and needs. Contact us to experience their passion and dedication firsthand in a consultation tailored to your vision.


    Co-Owner / Design

    Suzette, a partner and seasoned designer at Interior Living, combines over two decades of experience with a deep understanding of client needs. Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and creative vision, she excels in creating spaces that are both luxurious and functional. Dedicated to achieving perfection, Suzette tirelessly ensures that each project reflects the client’s vision and enhances their lifestyle. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her role as a guiding force in our team make her an invaluable asset to both Interior Living and our clients.


    Co-Owner / Marketing

    Patti, a partner at Interior Living and the owner of Gibson Fine Art, embodies the essence of a creative entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and project management, she brings a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial flair to our team. Her exceptional communication skills and personal touch in every interaction make the design process both meaningful and client-centric. Patti’s real talent lies in her ability to listen intently to our clients, forging genuine connections that are the foundation for tailor-made design solutions. Her passion for exceeding expectations is evident in her commitment to creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with the clients’ vision.


    Business Development/Design

    Hillary, a key member of our team at Interior Living, excels not only in design but also in business development. With her rich background in the service industry and proven track record in managing diverse client projects, she brings a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics, customer service, and creative design. Hillary's expertise is further enhanced by her meticulous attention to detail and engaging personality, making her an indispensable asset to our team and your interior design experience.


    Media / Sales

    Meet Tira, our esteemed digital specialist and in-house design expert at Interior Living. Her distinctive flair and profound expertise are instrumental in shaping our digital presence and internal design projects. With Tira's sophisticated style and discerning eye, she guarantees that both our online footprint and in-house creations exude elegance and sophistication. Her innovative spirit and artistic prowess infuse our brand with a unique charm, ensuring that every online interaction mirrors the exceptional quality of our physical spaces.


    Design / Sales

    Carolina, our newest team member at Interior Living, brings an enviable flare and attention to detail to our projects. With a graduate degree in Architecture and a passion for interior decorating, her expertise enables her to explore every facet of spaces, uncovering unique ways to enhance them for discerning homeowners like yourself. Hailing from Argentina, Carolina's multicultural background adds a touch of sophistication to her designs, weaving together different architectural styles to create captivating, personalized spaces.


    Furniture Technician

    Jamie, our adept Furniture Technician is a true asset with his wide-ranging skills. With an unwavering positive attitude and a keen sense of order, Jamie approaches each project with a blend of strength and precision. His ability to tackle challenges head-on, coupled with his meticulous attention to detail, ensures that every piece of furniture meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Jamie's robust approach and spirited work ethic are vital to our team, adding substantial value to every client's experience.

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