The cocktail table is a cornerstone of many living rooms and the focal point to the home. Here at Interior Living in Calgary, you’ll find a stunning selection of stylish and unique coffee tables choose from alluring shapes and luxurious base materials, including natural wood, quartz, marble and lustrous metallics.
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Array End Table
Sold Out
Odeon End Table
from $595.00
Tobias Coffee Table - Square
from $825.00
Quarry Coffee Table - Square
from $850.00
Tobias Coffee Table - Rectangular
from $850.00
Array Coffee Table - Round
from $875.00
Array Coffee Table
from $900.00
Hull Coffee Table
from $950.00
Quarry Coffee Table - Rectangle
from $960.00
Solana Triangular Coffee Table
from $975.00
Porter Coffee Table - Square
from $995.00
Metric Coffee Table
from $995.00
Wireframe Coffee Table
from $995.00
Solana Oval Coffee Table
from $1,070.00
Porter Coffee Table - Rectangle
from $1,095.00
Quarry Coffee Table - Marble
from $1,250.00
Odeon Coffee Table
from $1,250.00
Evelyn Nesting Coffee Table
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Rhea Nesting Tables
from $1,639.00
Lucas Square Coffee Table
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Manhattan Coffee Table
from $2,329.00
Blair Rectangle Coffee Table
from $2,329.00
Shagreen Shadow Box Coffee Table
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Tremont Rectangle Cocktail Table
from $2,409.00
Hyper Cocktail Table
from $2,439.00
Vienna Round Cocktail Table
from $2,479.00
Vienna Rectangle Cocktail Table
from $2,499.00
Harper Cocktail Table
from $2,549.00
Jackson Cocktail Table
from $2,639.00
Fitz Nesting Coffee Table
from $2,759.00
Carmen Leather Square Ottoman
from $2,829.00
Merritt Cocktail Table
from $2,889.00
Laguna Rectangle Cocktail Table
from $2,899.00
Laguna Round Cocktail Table
from $2,899.00
Maxim Cocktail Table
from $2,929.00
Addie Cocktail Table
from $3,069.00
Venice Cocktail Table
from $3,149.00
Astor Nesting Cocktail Tables
from $3,259.00
Tremont Cocktail Table
from $3,289.00
Stonington Cocktail Table
from $3,319.00
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Sonora Coffee Table
from $3,429.00
Fossil Stone Cocktail Table
from $3,490.00
Vienna Large Round Cocktail Table
from $3,689.00
Square Cocktail Table
from $3,889.00
Collin Coffee Table
from $4,049.00
Petra Coffee Table
from $4,369.00
Saber Coffee Table
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Hudson Coffee Table
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Catherine Coffee Table
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Tetra Tables
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