Our fabric and leather sofas and loveseats are available in a range of luxurious, family-friendly & performance fabrics. Choose from modern and contemporary designs and a wide selection of finishes including tufting, wood or metal legs, and super soft comfortable seating.  Visit our furniture store in Calgary, AB!

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Mix Modular 2-PC Sofa
from $2,890.00
Jane 2 Lounge
from $1,150.00
Mix Modular 3-PC Sofa
Cast Contemporary Modular Adjustable Sofa
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Danny Contemporary Sofa & Lounge Chair
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Finland Scandinavian-Style Sofa
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Hammer Modern Plush Sofa
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Le Marias Contemporary Sofa
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Lounge Modular Sofa
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Mies Contemporary Modular Sofa
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Queens Classic-Design Sofa
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Square Contemporary Sofa
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Circuit Modular 2-PC Chaise
from $2,295.00
Nexus Modular Armless Chaise
from $2,245.00
Podium Lounge
from $2,285.00
Margot Loft Sofa
from $2,350.00
Atwood Sofa
from $2,450.00
Flipside Sofa Bed
from $2,450.00
Adelaide Sofa
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Circuit Modular 2-PC Armless Sofa
from $2,700.00
Jane 2 Sofa
from $2,595.00
Broome Sofa
from $2,649.00
Logan Sofa
from $2,650.00
Margot Sofa
from $2,650.00
Nexus Modular 2PC Sofa
from $2,730.00
Silverlake Sofa
from $2,795.00
Mona Sofette
from $2,839.00
Foundry Sofa
from $2,895.00
Nord Sofa
from $2,995.00
Ellis Sofa
from $3,069.00
Bella Bedroom Sofa
from $3,079.00
Towne Sofa
from $3,125.00
Mix Modular Arc
from $3,195.00
Aria Sofa
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Podium 2-PC Sofa
from $3,290.00
Monterey Sofa
from $3,615.00
Gigi No Skirt Chaise
from $3,679.00
Bella Chaise
from $3,709.00
Triumph Sofa
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Franco Lounge
from $3,929.00
Podium 2-PC Lounge
from $3,930.00
Cabot Sofa
from $3,950.00
Vera Sofa
from $3,979.00
Kennedy Loveseat
from $4,009.00
Keaton Apartment Sofa
from $4,019.00
Hunter Lounge
from $4,029.00
Cara Sofa
from $4,049.00
Dexter Sofa
from $4,059.00
Embassy Sofa
from $4,095.00
Wallace Sofa
from $4,095.00
Clifton Lounge
from $4,209.00