Based in Toronto, Canada, the Gus* Design Group is a furniture design and manufacturing company with a modern collection comprised of upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents, lighting and accessories. 

Inspired by simple forms and honest materials, the Gus Modern collection is an eclectic mix of elegant and industrial design styles. From the simple two-by-four and construction i-beam, to the useful miter box, the collection is rooted in the simplicity of everyday objects. Mirroring the great modernist of yesterday, Gus* strives to combine great design and practical purpose.

Interior Living is proud to be a Gus* Studio partner. We have access to the entire Gus* portfolio. So if you don't see what you're looking for or need assistance please contact us at or 403.246.6240. We're here to help!

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Belmont Media Stand
from $1,800.00
Odeon End Table
from $595.00
Odeon Coffee Table
from $1,250.00
Mimico Storage Ottoman
from $995.00
Lecture Dining Chair Upholstered
from $395.00
Aero Dining Stool
from $520.00
Aero Bar Stool
from $625.00
Aero Counter Stool
from $560.00
Perf File Cabinet
from $595.00
Junction Desk
Sold Out
Gander Desk
Sold Out
Conrad Desk
from $1,695.00
Embassy Chair
from $1,950.00
Cabot Chair
from $2,100.00
Podium Armless Chair
from $1,535.00
Mix Modular 5-PC Sectional
from $6,470.00
Mix Modular 4-PC Seating Group A
from $9,080.00
Mix Modular 5-PC Seating Group A
from $7,075.00
Mix Modular 4-PC Wedge Sectional
from $6,680.00
Mix Modular 3-PC Sectional
from $4,045.00
Mix Modular 3-PC Seating Group B
from $9,585.00
Mix Modular 3-PC Seating Group A
from $7,335.00
Logan Bi-Sectional
from $3,995.00
Atwood Bi-Sectional
from $3,875.00
Adelaide Bi-Sectional
from $3,950.00
Podium 4-PC Sectional
from $6,020.00
Mix Modular Arc
from $3,195.00
Cabot Sofa
from $3,950.00
Wallace Sofa
from $4,095.00
Nexus Modular 3PC Sofa
from $4,350.00
Embassy Sofa
from $4,095.00
Truss Chair
from $1,595.00
Spanner Lounge Chair With Arms
from $995.00
Halifax Chair
from $1,300.00
Church Stool
from $290.00
Atwood Lounge
from $1,425.00
Nexus Modular 3PC Sectional
from $4,975.00
Nexus Modular 2PC Sofa
from $2,730.00
Lido Pendant White
from $495.00
Lido Pendant Smoke
from $495.00
Lightbox 2
from $375.00
Wychwood Dining Table
from $1,685.00
Wychwood Desk
from $1,685.00
Wallace Chair
from $2,150.00
Tallinn Ottoman
from $575.00
Tallinn Chair & Ottoman
from $2,175.00
Tallinn Chair
from $1,600.00
Soren Chair
from $1,350.00
Silverlake XL Sofa
from $5,190.00
Silverlake XL Sectional
from $7,785.00
Silverlake U-Shaped Sectional
from $10,380.00