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Main floor, Suncor Energy Centre
Open May 7 to June 15 | Mon to Fri, NEW HOURS! 11am to 2pm
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Just in time for Mother's Day, two of Calgary's local design businesses, Interior Living and Gibson Fine Art will be opening the doors of its first-ever combined pop-up store in Suncor Energy Centre. Open from May 7th to June 1, 2018, the stand-alone retail store is designed to inspire visitors, offering a unique opportunity to experience Art through rotating exhibitions, the latest in Contemporary Interiors, Engaging Events, the Design Bar & Artful Local Gifts.

“We’re thrilled to host a unique and temporary brick-and-mortar experience for art lovers and design enthusiasts in downtown Calgary,” said Patti Dibski, owner at Gibson Fine Art and partner in Interior Living. “In keeping with the  primary mission of Gibson Fine Art and Interior Living, we’ve created a space that enables our customers to discover and be inspired by the art and furniture they love.”

Sheila Kernan:

Paint Demo [10-3]

Artist Meet & Greet [12-1]

Thursday, May 31 

Join us at the Pop-up Shop at the Suncor Energy Centre on Thursday, May 31th from 10 AM to 3 PM for a painting demo with the vivacious Sheila Kernan! Sheila will also be doing an informal Artist Talk and Meet & Greet from 12-1. Here's your chance to chat with Sheila and see her in action as she creates her next piece of art.

Please RSVP to info@gibsonfineart.ca to reserve your spot - limited availability.

Gibson Fine Art


8 New Calgary Cityscapes by Sheila Kernan

Starting Monday, May 28th, Gibson Fine Art is showing locally renowned artist Sheila Kernan's latest cityscapes of our beautiful city Calgary, including Sheila's first ever 3D Pop-up Cityscape Around Town. (shown above)

Inspired by the idea of providing an immersive experience for the viewer, I wanted to make a 3D painting. The idea popped into my head while reading a children’s pop-up book to my 6 month old son. I loved the interactive experience for the viewer and began wondering how I could work this into my process. Deconstructing and reconstructing my process in a new and exciting way I employed hand drawn laser cut stencils to produce a substrate to work with. This piece is painted by hand on specially crafted Aluminum supports. The work is a 3D (relief) sculptural painting.

Now, I wanted the viewer to work for the realization that the piece is three-dimensional. The sculptural component is not necessarily noticeable at a distance or when viewed straight on, only when you walk closer to the piece you will notice the pop-up effect and see that the piece has a sculptural component. Different angles and viewing points make this more obvious. AND, The coolest thing happens when shadow becomes another medium. The laser cut stencils cast shadows and reflections onto the back panel and create a really interesting conversation throughout the day; as the sun changes so does the piece."

View at the Suncor Pop-up or Gibsonfineart.ca

Six Finds:

Local love for Mom

May 7 to 11

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, most of us are in the thick of the scramble to find that perfect gift to let Mom know how special she is. This year, rather than opting for the generic, we’ve rounded up six stellar locally sourced gifts that are as unique as your mom. 


cōchu Chocalatier

 Award winning fresh chocolate 

Calgary based cōchu Chocolatier, officially launched in February 2017, quickly gained popularity and attraction with their artful chocolates and unique flavorings. Dedicated to creating beautiful and amazing things to eat, founder Anne Sellmer has spent countless hours training, researching, testing and perfecting her one-of-a-kind artisanal chocolates in flavors like Gin & Tonic and Screwdriver. 


Wrinkle & Crease

 Luxury Paper Products

Wrinkle & Crease creates luxury paper products for all your written messages, specializing in simple designs created with high quality letterpress and foil print.  Their mission is to have you write more and type less, creating beautiful products to inspire a love letter, a thoughtful card, scribbled ideas and jotted down plans - the paper that you save, tuck away and unfold over and over again.


Milk Jar Candle Co.

 Simple & Minimal Soy Candles

Beautifully scented soy candles with a natural wood wicks; free of paraffin wax, palm wax, and dyes. No lid to throw away and a jar that can be re-purposed or reused. It's nothing crazy, just clean burning. The way it should be. Milk Jar aims to bring affordable and clean burning candles to the local market. 


Cultured Butter

Small batch Flavoured butter 

Cultured Butter, started in 2016 by Kristie Lee, was born from the desire to make really good butter. Tried and tested by friends, this small batch butter company has stayed true to the passion, using fresh local grass fed butter, healthy bacterial culture and local farmed ingredients inspiring their seasonal flavours. 


Lamb's Soapworks

Canada's Artisanal soap 

Lamb’s Soapworks was born out of a desire to create beautiful natural hand-crafted soap, bath and body products. Each product, made from the heart and soul, uses natural pure ingredients for the best possible product for your skin. "Because if our family wouldn’t use it, why would we expect you to?"



Hillberg & Berk

Luxurious, everyday jewellery

Hillberg & Berk creates beautiful jewellery not only to help women capture their unique sparkle, but also to support causes dedicated to women's empowerment. From its culture to its community engagement and partnerships, every facet of its business strives to help women live their best life.


Lunch & Learns

Love where you live



Visit us on the main floor of Suncor Energy Centre (right across from Starbucks).
Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Interior Living

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